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Shoe models

What different models do you have?

We have a multitude of different models to choose from, and all of which are completely customizable. They are based on some of the most popular designs in sneaker history. Looking for something else? Please let us know!

Breeze Model

SneakerBranding custom sneaker design

The Breeze model is a very comfortable, cool and stylish sneaker. It has a characteristic thick sole that is currently very popular, often seen with major sneaker brands such as Nike. The sole not only provides a cool look, but a high level of comfort as well. Moreover, we can treat the sole extra with an anti-slip layer, so you can also wear these shoes in high-demand environments, such as a kitchen.

Branded sneaker made for ISE

New Flash Model

Casual business sneaker new class by sneaker branding

This sporty sneaker is a classic and probably the most worn sneaker model in the world. Every serious shoe brand has a variant of this sneaker in its product range. This sole can also be treated with a special anti-slip oil, providing safety for people who work on 'wet' surfaces because it has enough grip.


Flow Model

Easy fit sneaker model in white by sneaker branding

A sneaker that has been on the rise in recent years and is very popular with sports clubs. Thanks to the 'curved' sole, this shoe offers extra walking comfort, while still allowing for stylish personalization. Extremely popular with young people, this is truly a modern and smooth sneaker.


Drac Model


This sporty model is popular with companies looking for sneakers for fairs and events. A beautiful, fully customizable sneaker for comfortable all-day walking which can also sport gorgeous, embroidered logo (see proof below)

Custom shoes for your team or company
Can Jubany

Tennis Model

white tennis shoe model by sneaker branding

Classic and stylish, this model is perhaps the most popular sneaker ever. Thanks to Adidas, it has become known all over the world and can be found in nearly all brands' collections. A comfortable sneaker with a cool look that fits with any outfit, both business and casual.

Azimut Yachts
Innocent Smoothies

Casual Model

Casual shoe model Easy Breeze customized with logo

This model is ideal for companies that would like to have something unique, but also must pay attention to their expenses. Of course, no concessions are made to the quality, but thanks to the 'simple' construction of this sneaker, it is less labor-intensive and can therefore also be ordered for a lower price. As always, this sneaker is fully customizable, because that's what we do!


Kids Model


How cute is this?! We can also make very cool sneakers for children. Comfortable, easy to put on, and -of course, constructed with a good footbed. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond with your young fans!

lego kinderschoen

Our Guarantees


We only use the best available materials.


We can fully customize our design to fit your Corporate Identity.


We have a lot of experience with designing and implementing ideas. Challenge us!

logo in logo


Because we produce in Europe, we can deliver faster than most. 


We care about the environment and are trying our best to become a B Corporation ASAP!


Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is only 40 pairs, with repeat orders starting at just 25!

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