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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, yes. We strive to be a sustainable company that produces durable sneakers and that's why we only use high quality materials. On top of that our sneakers are hand made in one of Europe's best sneaker factories, produced by experienced crafts men. This way we can assure you that our sneakers are top notch, both in material and production method, guaranteeing a high quality sneaker that is comfortable and durable.

Currently 7, ranging from modern to retro and from stylish to sporty. We even have a children's sneaker available!

A simple question without a simple answer . It depends on what you want and how many you want.  Let's say you want 40 pairs of our most fashionable sneakers, with two logo's embroidered on them and personaliced laces: that would cost you about 90-95 euro per pair. 

But if you would like to order 100 pairs of a more basic sneaker, the price could drop to about 60-65 euro per pair as well.

As said: it's difficult to answer. But please feel free to ask for a detailed quotation!

This won't come as a shocker, but we mean that our sneakers are 100% customizable 🙂 And that goes much, MUCH further than just stitching a logo on the side. We can print photo's, personalize laces, adjust the color of the stitching and the lining and choose different materials as well. Do you want a sturdy leather sneaker? No problem. Vegan Leather? No problem. A Sneaker that also helps make the world a bit nicer? We can make them from recycled plastic as well that is fished out of the oceans for The Big Clean Up.

With fully customizable we really mean fully customizable 🙂

To get started our MOQ is 40 pairs, but repeat orders can be placed starting at just 25 pairs.

This is, unfortunately, a very good question. A LOT of companies are greenwashing at the moment, but we are proud to say we are NOT one of them.

 Our Vegan Sneakers are made from the waste of Spanish wine production, our soles are made of bio degradable rubber and even our stitching and laces are made of environmentally friendly materials.

That is why our factory and its suppliers comply with the strictest certifications, such as REACH, PETA Approved Vegan, Seaqual, Global Recycled Standard and GOTS.

We can imagine that all these certifications don't immediately ring a bell, but you can take it from us that these are not handed out lightly.

It takes us about six weeks to produce your sneakers. Shipping time depends on where you're based and can take up to a week. We start producing after you've accepted the final design and we've received a 50% down payment on your order. So if you really want to place an order today, better get in touch ASAP to receive our first design and quotation! 

Well, yes. Although it didn't take a Eureka-like brilliance to fix this. We've designed a printable Size Chart that allows you to draw out exactly what size you and your staff need. Works wonders!


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