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Zapatillas veganas personalizadas

custom vegan sneakers

Vegan Sneakers with your logo

Fully Vegan Sneakers

Our factory doesn’t also produce Vegan Sneakers, they ONLY produce Vegan Sneakers. We’re specialised in it.


Even if you’re not a large company, we can still assist you with our customized Vegan Sneakers. They can be ordered in quantities as low as 15 pairs.


100% Customizable

Our Vegan Sneakers can be fully customized to match the visual identity of your company or sports team, and even feature complete artworks that can be printed on them.

Tell your story walking

Are you running a sustainable and environmentally-friendly company? We can help you tell your story through our sneakers, which serve as a great visual representation of your corporate values.

Create your sneakers using high-quality and sustainable materials.

We can produce cork sneakers that are laser-engraved with your logo or artwork, exquisite hemp sneakers that are fully customizable, and stunning Vegan Leather Sneakers that can be printed and shaped according to your visual identity.


Why our Custom Vegan Sneakers are the best


Our Vegan Sneakers are handmade in a fully vegan factory located in Portugal. One of the best in Europe!

Super Comfortable

Our sneakers are incredibly comfortable and can be fitted with an extra premium insole for added comfort.

100% Sustainable

We use only vegan materials in our sneakers, including a biodegradable sole and eco-friendly stitching and lining.


Our factory specializes in Vegan Production. It is not something they also do; it’s the ONLY thing they do.

Fast Delivery

After the final design is approved, we can deliver your sneakers right to your doorstep within 6-8 weeks.

OEKO-TEX® certified

All the materials we use are OEKO-TEX® certificated, meaning they have been rigorously tested.

Full Customization

We offer full customization options to match the sneakers with your unique visual identity.


As specialists in Vegan Materials, we know where to source the most durable synthetic leathers.

Do you want to receive a digital design of your Custom Vegan Sneakers?

Our Vegan Sneaker Models

Custom Vegan Sneakers Branded with your logo

The Wave

Not only are these sneakers visually stunning, but they also feature a premium ultra-light outsole with excellent grip and shock absorption capabilities, providing exceptional comfort. If you find yourself walking or standing on your feet all day, then these sneakers are the perfect choice for you.

customized vegan sneakers for businesses

The Bonsai

These classic sneakers are both comfortable and durable, making them a highly sought-after model. They can be fully customized to your preferences and are an excellent addition to your corporate fashion.

custom branded vegan sneakers

The Leaf

Our classic and trusted sneaker model is one of the most widely-worn worldwide for a good reason: it is versatile enough to be worn with both casual and work outfits. As with many major shoe brands, we also have our own variant of this model in our collection.

Available Materials

Custom Cork Sneakers

Cork Leather for Custom Vegan Sneakers cork-waterproof

Cork is one of the most durable and sustainable materials available. It is versatile, visually appealing, and highly customizable thanks to our innovative lasering technique.

If you are searching for a unique way to showcase the sustainability of your brand, consider telling your corporate story with custom cork sneakers.

Our premium cork leather is certified with the internationally recognized Cork Mark®, which signifies that our products are produced in accordance with the strictest quality standards.

Cork-Sneakers-2web custom sneakers made of cork

Eco-friendly Vegan Leathers

Veg-nappa-FalcC Certificacoes

We exclusively use the finest vegan materials that are currently accessible. Since our factory exclusively manufactures vegan sneakers, we are continuously up-to-date on the most recent advancements and techniques. All of the materials we utilize are certified.

An additional advantage of our vegan leathers is that they are completely printable, enabling you to create a fashionable sneaker that is appropriate for events or promotional purposes as well.

P304-Ultra-Light-Sneakersweb Veg-Nappa-FalcA

Eco-friendly Vegan Suède

Royal-suede-2048x1536web Certificacoes

Similarly, we exclusively use the highest quality vegan royal suede that is currently available. Our factory is dedicated to crafting sustainable and stylish footwear, and we are always on the lookout for innovative materials to incorporate into our designs.

As a result of our commitment to vegan materials, we are constantly up-to-date on the latest advancements and techniques in the industry. All of the materials we use are certified, ensuring that our shoes meet the highest standards of sustainability and ethics.


Branded Sneakers made from recycled plastic


Another material that we’re particularly proud to incorporate into our designs is recycled plastic. This material is made from post-consumer waste, and is transformed into a durable and high-quality material that’s perfect for footwear. We’ve discovered that recycled plastic is not only sustainable, but also provides a unique and eye-catching element to our shoe designs.

One of the added benefits of using recycled plastic is that it’s completely printable, allowing us to create fashionable sneakers that are perfect for events or promotional purposes. This gives us the flexibility to create shoes that are not only sustainable and ethical, but also stylish and eye-catching.

As we continue to explore the possibilities of recycled plastic in our designs, we remain committed to our goal of creating sustainable and ethical footwear. By using recycled plastic, we’re not only reducing plastic waste, but also creating beautiful and high-quality shoes that our customers can feel good about wearing.


Technical Tests

All the materials we’ve mentioned above have passed ISO international textile testing standards, including:

  • Tear & Tensile Strength
  • Flexing Endurance
  • Seam Rupture
  • Finish Adhesion
  • Colour Fastness

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