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Custom Shoes for workwear and uniforms

Shoes tailored to your Visual Identity!

Very comfortable

Our shoes are specifically designed to be walked on all day. They have a very comfortable footbed and are hand made by Europe's  best shoemakers.


Our sneakers are made with the best materials. Our leathers are 33% thicker than the industry standard, thus lasting longer.

custom shoes for your workwear and uniform

Fully Customizable

Whether you're looking for a stylish sneaker with your logo subtilly embroidered on the side in gold, or a sneaker that is SCREAMING your Corporate identity, we can produce it.

Straight from the factory

Another big advantage of working with us, is that you buy your sneakers straight from the factory. no retailprices here!

A Stylish addition to your corporate clothing!

Use our printable size chart and never worry about ordering the right sizes again


Mainly because it looks good. Many companies pay large amounts of money for the workwear of their staff, but forget to pay attention to their shoes. Many restaurants for example all dress up their waiters and support staff with nice shirts and black pants, but when you look down you see worn out, discolored (and often pretty disgusting) sneakers. 

Paying attention to that part of your workwear as well gives your appearance as a company a big boost. And you can do that in different ways: either very subtle, with your company logo stylishly embroidered on the side, or VERY noticeable, for example with a prominent peace of art your company has fully printed on the sneakers.

We started our business making shoes for companies that attend a lot of events. And above all they had one priority: comfort. If you have to stand on your feet all day, a good shoe with a comfortable sole and shoe last  is very important. Otherwise your days become unbearable. Comfort is our first priority in every decision we make.

Sizing is always a problem when ordering shoes for someone else. Or at least it used to be. We've created a printable size chart that exactly matches our shoe last. Just step on the chart and you can see exactly what size you need to order. 

Especially when you place orders in low numbers, it's essential to order the right sizes. So PLEASE ask for our size chart before placing your order 🙂


GREAT question! No matter how many times we tell you everything we do is amazing, it's better to just show you. At the bottom of this page you will find a contact form. Please fill it in, note your wishes and put us to work. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you have a design in your mind, but you're still in doubt whether or not it would look good in real life, we can make a prototype for you as well.

These are NOT for free of course, 'cause we need to eat too. But if you place an order after that, 50% of the price will be deducted from your final invoice. That plus the fact you have an extra pair of sneakers, makes the net cost zero at the end.

Well, if you want high quality shoes for your staff that are fully customized to your company's Visual Identity, that are hand made with the best available materials AND are comfortable and durable, you're not going with the cheapest option. If you're looking for cheap, try AliBaba.

But if you want good shoes, you came to the right place. And because you buy your sneakers straight from the factory with us, you're still paying WAY less than the retail price.


Stylishly embroider your logo or text on your shoes or sneakers.

Sublimation Printing

We can print your artwork or photo on your shoes in high quality.


With our unique printable Size Chart, you can check exactly who needs what size.

Delivery in 40 days

Short on time? No problem! We can deliver your sneakers within 40 days.


Go Vegan or make your sneakers from recycled plastics.

Get a FREE Design

Want to see what your sneakers could look like? Ask for a FREE digital design.

Low numbers

Our Minimum Order Quantity is 40 pairs, with repeat orders starting at 25.

Quality Certification

Our suppliers have all the needed certifications for us to make high end sneakers.

Curious what our sneakers would look like in your Visual Identity?

Get your FREE Design

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