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Custom Shoes for events

Want to stand out during events?

Consider customized sneakers tailored to your Visual Identity!

Custom Shoes for events

Customized Sneakers

95% of the companies attending events all do roughly the same, which is exactly the reason none of them stands out. They all have a few banners in corporate colours, their staff wears a jacket and a polo shirt with the company logo and somewhere there's a PowerPoint running. But visitors have created a blind spot for this, since it is what everyone does. Looking for ways to actually stand out? Go for Customized Sneakers!


Grab Attention

There's nothing more important than getting in touch with your potential customers. 


Break the Ice

Create a stylish or quirky sneaker to instantly break the ice when people notice them.


Seal the deal

And once you're talking, be sure to seal that deal and make sure the sneakers repay themselves!

promotional sneakers for events

Customized sneakers make your Brand Stand Out!

The single most important thing you need to do when attending an event with your brand is making sure you're seen. And since that's what everybody's trying to do, you should think of more creative ways of doing that.

Standing out from the rest sends a powerful message. It's not just that you're actually grabbing attention, but it shows that your company is creative and willing to go the extra mile for your customers. It makes a great first impression, and nothing's more important than that. Especially at events.

Fully Customizable Sneakers

In order to really stand out, just stamping a logo on a pair of sneakers isn't enough. They have to be adjusted to your corporate colors as well, blending in with your Corporate Story. Whether that's a story of sustainability, creativity or luxury, every detail of the shoes, including the stitching and the lining, have to be in line with that.

branded sneakers survey monkey sneakers with your logo
promotional sneakers for businesses

Product Presentation? Go the extra mile!

Car Brands LOVE branded sneakers and use them often for the presentation of a new model. We've worked with brands like BMW, Honda, Volvo, Seat and Volkswagen. Brands that understand that you only have one chance to do your presentation right. Especially if you're filming it too.









Yes! Our initial idea was to produce sneakers for businesses that attend a lot of events, so comfort has always been our first priority. Since then we've expanded our business to all types of corporations, sports teams and universities, but comfort has always been (and will always be) our first priority. 

Great! Because we LOVE to design stuff for you. Send us your logo, your wishes or your empty peace of paper and we'll get right to work. And we won't stop until you are 100% satisfied.

You probably know by now that we can customize our sneakers quite a bit. We can place your logo on our sneakers using embroidery, dyed leather cut-outs, sublimation printing or laser burning. No logo is too difficult.

Besides that we can integrate different colors in different ways. We can change the color of the stitching to match your logo for example, or change the lining to make it a better fit. We can even make a pattern of your logo, print it on leather and make a sneaker out of it. You have a crazy idea? Let us know!

Sizing is always a problem when ordering shoes for someone else. Or at least it used to be. We've created a printable size chart that exactly matches our shoe last. Just step on the chart and you can see exactly what size you need to order. 

Especially when you place orders in low numbers, it's essential to order the right sizes. So PLEASE ask for our size chart before placing your order 🙂

Well, if you want high quality shoes for your staff that are fully customized to your company's Visual Identity, that are hand made with the best available materials AND are comfortable and durable, you're not going with the cheapest option. If you're looking for cheap, try AliBaba.

But if you want good shoes, you came to the right place. And because you buy your sneakers straight from the factory with us, you're still paying WAY less than the retail price.

Curious what our sneakers would look like in your Visual Identity?

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