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Branding in the Automotive Industry: a Success Story

Branded Sneakers for events

If there's one industry that relies on first impressions and Visual attraction, it's the Automotive Industry. That's why more and more car brands use Branded Sneakers during events or when launching a new model.

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Tell your story walking

High-end Customized Sneakers

Our sneakers are the perfect way to really show your customers that you are a high-end brand. That you are willing to pay for the details. And as a bonus our branded sneakers are a real icebreaker: because they are so visual and recognizable it's something that easily gets a conversation started. 

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Why Automotive Companies work with us

Full Customization, High Quality, Low numbers

Improve your appearence

In an industry where appearance matters, you can't take shortcuts for your corporate clothing. 

Tell your story visually

Launching a new Electric car? Have your staff wear 100% sustainable sneakers as well, made from recycled plastics that are fished out of our oceans for The Big Clean Up, so even your shoes help make the world a bit cleaner.

Conversation Starter

Our sneakers are ice breakers: because they are so remarkable people tend to start a conversation over them. 

Fully Customizable

We don't just stamp your logo on a sneaker, We create YOUR sneaker. Because of our high and unique customization options, you will have a sneaker that really feels and looks like your own. 

Show your Quality

If your staff radiates quality, your customers will assume (rightly) that your brand is high quality as well.

Low Numbers

You will not find a second factory in the world that offers you this kind of customization, with sneakers of our quality, and still has a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of just 40 pairs. This combination of customization-quality-MOQ is what makes SneakerBranding unique.

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