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Customize your shoes or sneakers

SneakerBranding is the world's leading company providing customized sneakers, slides, flip flops, socks and safety shoes for your team or business. We fully customize footwear for your corporate identity. Curious to see what personalized shoes for your business might look like? Let us personalize your footwear and get a FREE Digital Design!


Our custom shoes are handmade in Europe's best Shoe factory by our very experienced shoemakers.


We can customize shoes made from Vegan Leather or Recycled Plastic to make them 100% sustainable.

Finest Quality

Our custom sneakers are made with high-quality materials, making them both comfortable and durable.

Fully Customizable

Full customization is available. We can add your logo or brand name and fully customize our designs, right down to the color of the stitching and lining. Have a crazy idea? Let us know!

Custom sneakers and trainers for companies
since 2005

branded corporate sneakers honda customized

What can we do for you?

Worldwide Shipping

We make companies everywhere happy. Founded in Holland, active all over the Globe.

Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Our core business thrives on making companies happy. That's why we accept offers starting from just 5 (!) pairs. Please see our different options for more details 👍 

Design your shoes

Our Design Team works tirelessly until you are 100% satisfied. Have a quirky idea but don't know how to translate it in to a Shoe Design? Let them work it!

Always available

You can contact us at any time via mail, Whatsapp, text, phone or carrier pigeon. You may expect an answer within 24h. Unless, of course, you use the carrier pigeon 😉

Verimatrix Sneakers
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Darci van Meter

"Our Sneakers were the biggest hit and the talk of the town! Everyone wants them, it's an epidemic now! 
And, you were right they are comfortable shoes, and we were all very happy!"

Customized shoes are Ideal for:


Uniforms & Workwear

Stand out from your competitors by including stylish sneakers in your workwear

custom corporate sneakers

Events, Projects & Trips

Provide your staff with branded sneakers when they must attend an event. Promotion of your brand has never been easier.


Company Gifts
Keep your employees and/or your most loyal customers happy with an original gift and show them you care.

custom sneakers for sports teams

Fans and sports clubs

Fans LOVE Merchandise. And what could be better than stylish sneakers or trainers fully customized to their favorite team?

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Custom Vegan shoes and sustainable sneakers for your brand

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Vegan Leather shoes

We can make our sneakers from Vegan Leather, making them 100% sustainable.


Shoes of Recycled Plastic 

Want to help take plastic out of the ocean? We can produce shoes from recycled plastic fished out of the ocean to help The Big Clean Up! 


100% Sustainable shoes

We use recycled synthetic leathers, which are vegan and raw PU materials composed of high-quality polyurethanes. This method avoids harmful CO2 emissions by reducing water consumption and pesticide contamination.


Tell your Green Story

Make your vegan shoes or sustainable sneakers a visible example of your company's green ambitions. Tell your brand's story by wearing custom shoes made from recycled materials.

Curious? Get our Catalog now!

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Please Call or Whatsapp us: +31638053515

We would love to get in touch! Are you curious what a custom shoe or sneaker in your corporate colors and style would look like? Let us know! Do you have questions about our methods, company or staff? Get in touch 🙂 

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How SneakerBranding works

Everything starts with an idea. And from that point on, we take the wheel. Our Design Team will provide you with a one-of-a-kind design, and once you're 100% satisfied, production begins. Delivery will follow only 6-8 weeks later.

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Contact SneakerBranding

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Get a FREE custom shoe Design

Do you have an upcoming pitch meeting to present your ideas? That will be a lot easier if you can show everyone a digital prototype. We can provide you with a FREE digital design to show to everyone else.

Need Support?

Do you have some questions first before you want to receive your first digital design? Don't be shy and let us know!

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